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Shatter is CBD in concentrated form. One of the benefits of using it is the instant physical relaxation achieved after inhaling cannabinoids in this manner. If you’re already dabbing, you have experienced the benefits yourself. If you’re new to dabbing, you just need to pick up a few things, and you’ll be on your way.

Adding the healing power of CBD to your THC dabs is as simple as breaking off a piece of your favorite shatter. You also get the benefit of the plant terpenes that make our delicious flavors. They offer additional medicinal qualities, each according to their make-up.

Let’s talk about terpenes for a moment. The popularity of CBD and hemp brings them into the limelight, and rightfully so. Terpenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the oils of plants that give them their distinctive smells, tastes, and specific healing qualities. You can attribute the pine smell of Christmas directly to them. And the medicinal smell of fresh rosemary. And, the individuality of cannabis strains; not to mention refreshing scents of citrus.

Terpenes commonly found in cannabis include Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and many others. As research continues and the body of knowledge grows regarding terpenes and their health benefits for humans, stay tuned for products with individualized terpene profiles to targeting specific issues.

Why choose Steve’s Goods Shatter?

Our shatter is made from pure Colorado Hemp and terpenes from the plants themselves. We pride ourselves on the flavor of our dabs. Sit back, light that dab, close your eyes and picture yourself on a lounge chair in Hawaii, sipping on an ice-cold freshly squeezed pineapple juice from a straw directly out of the pineapple!

Directions for using CBD Shatter

You’ll need a dabbing rig, nail, enail, and a torch, or a vape pen designed for shatter. You can also layer it in-between flower in a pipe or lace it into a joint.

Shatter is easy to use. Break off a piece. Place the piece on the nail or in your selected method, light and enjoy! Temperature is important when you’re dabbing; you want to keep it low. Follow the directions that come with your device.


CO2 Extracted Hemp CBD Isolate, pure plant terpenes

Each gram is 950 mg. of pure isolate and 50 mg. plant terpenes

Buying options and how to choose

Shatter comes in ½ grams or full grams.

We also offer a variety of flavors for you to enjoy including Blueberry OG, Terpin Gorilla, Watermelon OG, and Girl Scout Cookies.

How much CBD is there?

CBD shatter is 95% pure CBD Isolate and 5% plant terpenes from plants themselves. Divide the your shatter into equal pieces and divide by the strength and you’ll get an estimated amount of CBD per dab.

For instance, a gram is 950 mg. of CBD, cut that up into ten equal pieces, each will have 95 mg. and you can go from there.


Shatters are made from a broad spectrum, THC free distillate that has CBD/CBG and then the same natural plant based terpenes for flavor!



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